HPE industrial elastomers

from 40 Shore A to 55 Shore D.

COLD-CURING for small and massive parts
very high Wearproofness and Durability
  • Offers high mechanical properties with a curing at room temperature or in an oven
  • Good chemical resistance, suitable for submarine or engine environments
  • Very versatile from tiny seals to massive concrete moulds, from wheels to vehicle hoses and from hand casting to industrial production with 2-component mixing machines


Great chemical resistance
  • Adapted to underwater environment even in very deep conditions
  • Resistant to regular engine fluids
  • Used for wearproof concrete moulds


Upscale mechanical properties
  • Stronger than TPU, approaching the performance of hot cast elastomers
  • High level of durability with increased abrasion and tear resistance, even on notched parts


Versatile ways of processing for higher user-friendliness
  • Low exothermic reaction for any part size
  • Can be hand-casted or used in a two-component mixing machine
  • Various curing options: in an oven for faster curing, at room temperature for big parts


sustainability meets performance
  • The formula is adapted to hand casting with no need to handle heated materials
  • Low rate of free monomers for a safer use of the isocyanates

In Accordance With


EC Regulation 1907/ 2006, SVHC list in force


Directive EU 2011/ 65, 2015/ 863 & 2017/ 2102


Technical Datasheet HPE

Technical data sheet of the HPE system. All mechanical properties of each hardness of the versatile rubber like HPE system.

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available Test reports
  • chemical resistance
Please contact us in order to get a copy of the test reports. We will happily provide them to you.

endless Applications

Anti-vibration parts

Seals, gaskets, silent blocs, bend restrictors etc.


Caterpillars, conveyor belts, track systems etc.

Hoses & bellows

Automotive, heavy industry, railway industry, aerospace etc.

Concrete moulds

Decorative stones, statue castings, concrete slab moulds, construction etc.

Wheels and rollers

Leisure industry, guiding rollers, warehouse robots, trolley wheels, medical devices etc.

protective coatings

Encapsulation, protection of electronic & fitting parts, submarine applications etc.

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Technical Data

Simulation of ²rubber Simulation of ²
Colour of the cured materialtransparent amber ³Colour of the cured material
Colourability ⁴
Colourability ⁴
Density1,061,071,081,07Density(g/ cm3)
Flexural modulusFlexural modulus(MPa)ISO 178
Maximum flexural strengthMaximum flexural strength(MPa)ISO 178
Elongation at break270400500800900460325Elongation at break(%)ISO 37
Tensile strength2,73,667,2131416Tensile strength(MPa)ISO 37
Tear resistance11,5182740545870Tear resistance(kN · m-1)ISO 34
Working temperature-40/+90Working temperature°C-40/+90
Mixing ratio (P : P/Iso : Iso)100 : 10075 : 8 : 10050 : 16 : 10025 : 24 : 10032 : 10050 : 50 : 5075 : 100Mixing ratio (P : P/Iso : Iso)(in weight)
Mix viscosity at 25°C2000240027003000320018001300Mix viscosity at 25°C(mPa · s)
Pot life by 25°C60555045402518Pot life by 25°C(min)
Demoulding time by 70°C180120Demoulding time by 70°C(min)
Linear shrinkage thickness by 23°CLinear shrinkage thickness by 23°C(mm/ m)
App. maximum wallthickness~ 100App. maximum wallthickness(mm)
Mould life in silicone ⁶40 +Mould life in silicone ⁶(number of parts)
Standard & alternative packaging20 (P/ Iso) 6 (P/ Iso) 16 (mix P & Iso) Standard & alternative packaging(kg)
Shelf life ⁷18Shelf life ⁷(months)
AnnotationsCasting by hand or machine
Curing at room temperature or in oven
Very good mechanical and chemical resistance

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  1. The exact data are available in our TDS. The thermal and mechanical properties have been tested under specific conditions of curing and post-curing
  2. Simulation of plastic once the resin is cured
  3. Under UV action, the colour tends to darken
  4. All the colours indicated in this document are illustrative and not contractual
  5. After heat treatment
  6. Silicone mould life: according to our experience, depending on the mould geometry, surface, demoulding time, kind of silicone, etc.
  7. On unopened jerry-cans or bottles
  8. Flame resistance,  chemical resistance,  dielectric properties,  thermal conductivity,  food compatibility,  optical properties