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synthene formulates
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  • SYNTHENE’s core activity is above all product formulation and development
  • Beyond the catalogue of materials, tailor-made formulas are also SYNTHENE’s specialty


  • SYNTHENE is a free, independent laboratory who does extensive research on the most suitable raw materials
  • A close contact with trustworthy manufacturers enables superior level of technical outlook
  • SYNTHENE’s policy is to combine top performance and minimised toxicity in the formulas and raw material selection, for a safer and more environmental-friendly use
  • SYNTHENE’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that tackle the challenges of tomorrow


  • SYNTHENE offers a wide variety of possibilities like colour, texture and hardness
  • The viscosity and rheology of the product adapt to the application
  • The laboratory can also formulate products according to specific standards like phthalate-free, bio-compatible and toy-standard materials
  • Performance is reached by UV stability, electrical insulation, mechanical, fire or chemical resistance
  • Combinations of different properties are countless and open the door to endless possibilities


  • A professional detergent portfolio for heavy duty, from floor cleaning to car or kitchen maintenance
  • Acids, base and neutral materials to get rid of any kind of dirt
  • SYNTHENE’s R&D department formulates and adjusts the concentration of the detergents according to the customer’s needs
  • All the cleaning products formulas are carefully tested by the laboratory and approved by SYNTHENE’s partners
A dedicated team

A creative R&D laboratory is at the heart of SYNTHENE’s identity. The team studies development projects in order to shape the optimal material, answering demanding applications.

Formulas are jointly tested by SYNTHENE and the client, as the project progresses, in a common step-by-step collaboration process.

performance in a lot of applications

PU Prototyping

Specialised in polyurethane for the prototyping field, SYNTHENE is today known as a reference for its vacuum casting resins.

The R&D department ensures high quality standards as well as the development of innovative resins.


The versatile nature of PLASTISOL and its rich variety of applications require constant adjustments to the clients’ needs.

The laboratory attaches great importance to conceive products that adapt to these requirements.

PU Industry

Precise formulation with well-defined list of specifications is a core part of PU development for industrial projects.

SYNTHENE chemists elaborate personalised solutions to maximise efficiency and favour the highest health standards.


The development of industrial cleaning agents relies upon more efficient, greener and handier solutions.

SYNTHENE team researches and formulates materials in accordance with today’s needs for neat and clear surfaces.

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