Prototyping resins & elastomers

for strong and functional parts.

Elastomers for all applications strength for prototyping rubber-like parts.

  • The versatile HPE with high mechanical and chemical resistance, suitable for small to massive parts
  • The quick FASTELAST, colourable material with strong properties within one to two hours
  • The semi-flexible HPR65 with high impact resistance and flexibility

SYNTHENE makes a point of offering a high level of performance though a range of upscale PU rubbers with a high level of tear resistance, even on notched parts.

HDPE & PP-like the semi-rigids for strong flexible parts.

  • Solutions for massive parts and living hinges with the HPR65
  • Semi-flexible prototype parts with PR740, 590 MPa of flexural modulus
  • The long pot-life and fast demoulding PR777, offering a winning combination

This range is composed of three materials for more choice in the flexural modulus level as well as the processing possibilities. It offers an application by hand, by vacuum casting machine or in a two-component mixing machine.

ABS & PA-like the needed basics for daily jobs.

  • These resins are recommended for simple jobs and small series
  • Available in various rigidities to answer any project requirement
  • Enhanced mechanical properties with the addition of SYNFILL G fibreglass filler
Many Options

Staying in the rigid side of the flexural modulus spectrum, this range offers a wide variety of options: colourable products, basic to utmost properties, fast demoulding and easy mixing ratios.

ABS, HdpE & PP-like PR7 SERIES for advanced prototyping & small series.

  • Long shelf life
  • High mechanical and thermal resistance up to 177°C
  • Superior chemical resistance to aqueous solutions and most engine fluids
  • User-friendly and high performance products, simply SYNTHENE’s best-seller range

SYNTHENE’s crown jewel range, the PR7 SERIES has been selected for many years by major automotive companies for their prototypes and small series. These 4 products are also used in many other fields like smart home devices, medical machine housings or aerospace parts.

PC & PMMA-like UV-stable and everlasting transparency.

  • Long shelf life
  • Excellent UV stability even in outdoor conditions
  • A stunning combination of thermal, mechanical and optical properties for clear projects like automotive lights
  • Adapted solutions for mass casting with the CRISTAL HRI 35

For over a decade, SYNTHENE has been specializing in advanced UV-stable formulas. The transparent range has been tested in an accelerated ageing machine simulating outdoor conditions including moisture and strong UV exposure.

Synfill G Fibreglass reinforcement filler for more performance!

  • A handy glass fibre filler to increase the materials’ rigidity and temperature resistance
  • Possibility to reach up to a 5 400 MPa flexural modulus for a
  • PA or filled PA equivalent
  • Wide choice of options depending on the filler rate and selected resin

SYNFILL G is convenient to keep at hand to multiply the options that the materials can offer. Compatible with the PR777, PR700, PR752, PR500 & PR408, this glass fibre filler can be easily added to the mix in order to maximise the products’ properties.

flame retardants self-extinguishing materials.

  • The Yellow Card is attributed to the PRA794 for its compliance with the UL 94 V0 standard
  • The FAR25 certified PRA730 is formulated to answer specific aerospace projects
  • High level of temperature resistance and mechanical resistance

Flame retardant materials can answer to different types of requirements in the prototyping industry, like the automotive, electronics, medical or aerospace fields.

PRF100 Food Grade clear, colourable and certified.

  • Compliant with a wide variety of foods including liquids and some alcohols
  • Tested and approved for temporary, repeated or long contact
  • Offers a unique combination of food compatibility and water-clear transparency with good colourability

The PRF100 has been certified by an independant laboratory regarding food contact compatibility. Like the FDA, the compliance to the 10/ 2011 EU regulation involves a mandatory migration test to ensure a complete safety management.

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