flame retardants materials

certified self-extinguishing range.

  • Self-extinguishing to reach the UL94 V0 and FAR 25 requirements
  • Available UL Yellow Card certification for the PRA794
  • Halogen-free for a limited toxicity
  • Low aggressiveness to silicone moulds

In Accordance With


EC Regulation 1907/ 2006, SVHC list in force


Directive EU 2011/ 65, 2015/ 863 & 2017/ 2102

End-of-life vehicle directive

2000/ 53/ EC

WEEE Directive

2002/ 96/ EC

Directive related to cosmetic products

2000/ 11/ EC

Recycling compliance

IMDS (mdsystem.com)

the UL94 Certified PRA794

  • The most popular resin to meet demanding flame-retardancy requirements
  • The PRA794 benefits from UL organisation accreditation as UL 94 V0 recognized material
  • Yellow Card available: E523647
  • Its self-extinguishing capabilities are necessary for most projects with an aero-spatial or electronic background and in public transportation
  • Low aggressive isocyanate leads to extended life of the silicone moulds



Technical data sheet of the PRA794. All mechanical, thermal and fire resistance properties of the self-extinguishing prototyping resin PRA794.

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available Test reports
  • dielectric properties
  • flame resistance
  • thermal conductivity
  • UL Yellow Card
Please contact us in order to get a copy of the test reports. We will happily provide them to you.

the FAR25 Licensed PRa730

  • Flame resistance and self extinguishing properties required for aerospace projects like aircraft interiors
  • Certified for the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations as a FAR25 material
  • Limited aggressiveness to silicone moulds allows to cast up to 30 parts with a single mould


TDS PRa730

Technical data sheet of the PRA730. All mechanical and thermal properties of FAR25 prototyping resin PRA730.

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Technical Data

Simulation of ²ABSABSSimulation of ²
Colour of the cured materialblack/ browndark greyColour of the cured material
Colourability ⁴
Colourability ⁴
Density1,161,2Density(g/ cm3)
Flexural modulus15002100Flexural modulus(MPa)ISO 178
Maximum flexural strength6563Maximum flexural strength(MPa)ISO 178
Elongation at break54Elongation at break(%)ISO 527
Tensile modulus of elasticity2300Tensile modulus of elasticity(MPa)ISO 527-1
Tensile strength6041Tensile strength(MPa)ISO 527-1
Impact resistance2016Impact resistance(kJ · m-2)ISO 179
Heat deflection Temperature ⁵130130Heat deflection Temperature ⁵(°C)ISO 75
Mixing ratio (P : Iso)80 : 100100 : 72Mixing ratio (P : Iso)(in weight)
Mix viscosity at 25°C11002500Mix viscosity at 25°C(mPa · s)
Pot life by 25°C7 - 88Pot life by 25°C(min)
Demoulding time by 70°C4545Demoulding time by 70°C(min)
Linear shrinkage thickness by 23°C8Linear shrinkage thickness by 23°C(mm/ m)
App. maximum wall thickness~ 20App. maximum wall thickness(mm)
Mould life in silicone ⁶30 − 5030 +Mould life in silicone ⁶(number of parts)
Standard & alternative packaging1817,2Standard & alternative packaging(kg)
Shelf life ⁷1812Shelf life ⁷(months)
UL Recognized Component Yellow Card: E523647 (V0)
Long mould life
Self-extinguishing according to FAR 25Annotations

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  1. The exact data are available in our TDS. The thermal and mechanical properties have been tested under specific conditions of curing and post-curing
  2. Simulation of plastic once the resin is cured
  3. Under UV action, the colour tends to darken
  4. All the colours indicated in this document are illustrative and not contractual
  5. After heat treatment
  6. Silicone mould life: according to our experience, depending on the mould geometry, surface, demoulding time, kind of silicone, etc.
  7. On unopened jerrycans or bottles