expertise in PU, from design to production.

PROTOTYPING RESINS & ELASTOMERS for strong and functional parts.

  • Vacuum casting resins to simulate many types of thermoplastic materials
  • From the most basic to the highest level of requirement with specific standards as UV stability, UL94 V0 or food compatibility
  • Elastomers with high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Optimised production with fast demoulding materials and non-aggressive formulas for long-lasting moulds

This process consists in mixing and casting liquid PU into a polyaddition silicone mould, inside a vacuum casting machine. The mould is then placed in an oven for the curing step before demoulding. This results in a strong and functional countertype of thermoplastic (e.g. HDPE, ABS, PC…) that can be used as a prototype or small series.

INDUSTRIAL POLYURETHANES high performance from Shore A to Shore D.

  • A comprehensive range of cold and hot cast rubber materials for strongly stressed parts, even notched
  • Transparent materials with specificity such as UV-stable coatings or clear food grade resin
  • Turnkey solutions with the catalogue materials or possibility to develop formulation projects

These materials are very versatile and can adapt to many fields of application: manufacturing, medical, art, transportation, renewable energy, foundry etc.

CONSTRUCTION durable & long-lasting concrete moulding.

  • Advanced chemical, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Long-lasting moulds and models
  • User-friendly materials for easy casting and curing

SYNTHENE’s systems for mould making have been developed to have a limited exothermic reaction, making them ideal to create very big parts.

DESIGN & ART clear resins for crafting projects.

  • Safer & VOC-free solutions with for easy hand-castings
  • Easy to cast materials with high level of UV stability, for any type of DIY job
  • Highly realistic and functional prototyping solutions for the most demanding projects

UV-stable river table, artisanal jewellery, clear coating layers on art pieces or wood, hobby projects etc.

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