Industrial polyurethanes

high performance from Shore A to Shore D

HPE INDUSTRIAL ELASTOMERS from 40 Shore A to 55 Shore D

  • Long shelf life
  • A comprehensive system of rubber material for strongly stressed parts, even notched
  • High chemical resistance for an efficient use even for submarine applications
  • Open processing possibilities: hand-casting, vacuum casting machine and two-component mixing machine

HPE stands for High Performance Elastomer and can adapt to many types of applications: wheels, bellows, gaskets, concrete moulds etc.

THE SEMI RIGID HPR65 flexibility & impact resistance.

  • Designed for mass casting with low exothermicity
  • Possibility to cure in an oven or at room temperature
  • High impact resistance and great flexibility

The HPR65 been developed to make foundry models for sand moulded casting. It can also be used to realise any semi-rigid types of parts like car bumpers or parts with living hinges.

THE Food grade PRF100 clear and certified.

  • Compliant with a wide variety of foods including liquids and some alcohols
  • Tested and approved for temporary, repeated or long contact
  • Water-clear transparency with good colourability to offer a highly singular material

The PRF100 has been certified by an independent laboratory regarding food contact compatibility. Like the FDA, the compliance to the 10/2011 EU regulation involves a mandatory migration test to ensure a complete safety management.

Hot CAST Polyurethane custom made formulas for heavy duty.

  • Extremely high impact resistance for heavy shocks
  • Utmost abrasion resistance and tear resistance, even on a notched part
  • Adapted to chemically aggressive environments
  • These materials are formulated, tested and developed in partnership with the client to suit the exact application
What is hot Cast PU?

Hot cast polyurethanes are used with dosing and dispensing machines to cast particularly resistant parts in heavy industries.

THE COATINGS RESINS SCoat transparency for protective layers.

  • Safer & VOC-free solutions with for hand castings
  • Easy to cast materials that cure at room temperature with an increased UV stability
  • This range is available in its soft and hard versions to adapt to the project
coat anything

The SCoat range can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces with a high level of adhesion and a low sensitivity to moisture.
Additional layers can be applied within two hours to increase the level of protection.

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