FOCUS FASTELAST so fast and so colourful!


  • Extraordinary tear resistance
  • Very good colourability and
  • Strong demoulding properties with
    very fast demoulding times and no
    need for post-curing

FASTELAST was formulated to meet the
requirements of the prototyping industry to
create flexible parts in different colours in
the shortest amount of time possible.

The FASTELAST is designed for the vacuum
casting technology and maintains high
mechanical properties.

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Polyurethane expertise in PU, from design to production.

  • A large catalogue of efficient vacuum casting resins for prototyping and small series like automotive and consumer electronic projects
  • High performance elastomers for demanding industrial applications as oil & gas, aerospace and medical
  • Long-lasting moulding and coating materials for construction like concrete moulds for decorative stones
  • User-friendly and UV-stable solutions for design and art applications like river tables
What is PU?

Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer composed of polyol and isocyanate. PU resins come in a variety of application processes and especially gravity casting that is mostly used to transform SYNTHENE products. The two components are mixed together in a liquid state and then casted. The chemical reaction creates a solid and durable plastic material. SYNTHENE formulates polyurethane going form the softest elastomers to the toughest resins.

New PUprint – SYNTHЭD+ revolution in 3D printing

  • Print unique shapes without the constraints imposed by the moulding process
  • As tough as vacuum casting PUs
  • From soft to semi-rigid with four different hardness levels available
  • High mechanical and thermal resistance

PUprint is the first system to be launched in the SYNTHЭD+ range which will be dedicated to additive manufacturing.

SYNTHENE’s mindset is to bring high performance to the 3D printing industry for fully functional parts that are as resistant as conventional parts.

PLASTISOL a wide scope of personalised solutions.

  • Adjustable hardness, viscosity, rheology, colour and aspect
  • Specific formula development, respecting the design brief with specific standards like toy regulations, flame retardancy, electric insulation etc.
  • Excellence in dipping, coating, slush-moulding, rotomoulding etc.

Plastisol is a paste obtained by the dispersion of a PVC powder resin into a liquid plasticizer. After a thermal treatment, the product results in an elastomer.
SYNTHENE has been formulating Plastisols on demand since the 1960’s, following precise lists of specifications.

FORMULATION high-performance tailor-made solutions.

  • SYNTHENE is above all a dedicated R&D laboratory elaborating precise formulas to build up innovative projects
  • Expertise joins safety awareness to tackle the industrial challenges of tomorrow
  • Customer service is at the heart of SYNTHENE’s approach to offer a consitent follow-up

SYNTHENE formulates custom solutions for polyurethane, PLASTISOL, detergent etc.

SYNTHENE’s team studies the application projects and provides support to optimise their development. This is done either by giving recommendations on existing products, or by opening a new file by the R&D laboratory.

Do you have a question?

Just ask us!

+33 3 44 31 72 00

support customer service in a few clicks.

  • SYNTHENE’s hotline and support email address where a competent member of the team will help you
  • All documents and guides available for SYNTHENE’s wide line-up of products

About SYNTHENE start-up spirit since 1958.

The innovative chemical company, located in France, was founded in 1958. SYNTHENE provides specific formulation and high quality industrial solutions.
SYNTHENE places a particular emphasis on offering high-performance products, with cautiously selected raw materials from trustworthy manufacturers. All SYNTHENE prototyping resins meet the current requirements of REACH.

SYNTHENE is certified according to