Prototyping resins

Prototyping resin


Black polyurethane resin dedicated to the production of prototypes and/or limited series requiring thermo-mechanical and self extinguishing properties.

Process in vacuum casting machines or with two components mixing device.


Parts requiring high thermal and mechanical resistance combined with self extinguishing properties: VO according to UL94 norm on 4mm thickness.

  • Boxes, hoods and housings developed for electrical devices, suitable with RoHs directives


  • High thermo-mechanical properties (Hdt 130°C)
  • Mechanical properties similar to ABS thermoplastic type.
  • Easy processing: the relatively low viscosity of the mix allows the production of big parts with a fine detail restitution
  • Halogene free
  • Mercury free
  • Low aggressivity toward silicone moulds


* 5V according to UL 94 norm on 4mm thickness