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Prototyping resin


Polyurethane resin dedicated to the realisation of prototypes and/or small series.
Process in vacuum casting machines or hand-casting in silicone moulds.

Its properties allow the realisation of functional parts, with mechanical properties similar to anti-shock polystyrene or ABS parts.


Any requirement of shock resistant parts with mechanical characteristics close to thermoplastic, with a short demoulding time :

  • Household appliances, electronics, toys
  • Models
  • Automotive industry : wire holder, hood, grilles...
  • Interior covering parts...


  • Mercury free products, complying to RoHS directive (2011/65/UE)
  • Very high flowability (low viscosity)
  • Easy mixing ratio 1/2.
  • Short demoulding time (between 45 min and 1h at 70°C)
  • Colorable
  • HDT 105°C after heat treatment
  • Flexural modulus : 2000 MPa
  • Good shock resistance

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