In order to respond to the industrials needs, SYNTHENE® offers its customers highly-performing and multipurpose cleaning products.

Synthene® has a great range of products: essential references for all cleaning needs at best price.

Our competences evolve around 4 types of use:

Détergence cuisine industrielleMaintenance

The appropriate maintenance for collective, industrial or commercial spaces is a major necessity ; not only for the users’ comfort but also for the company's public image.

The product range “maintenance” offers many complementary references fulfilling all needs for professional offices: floor, window panels but also fabric and fitted-carpets.

The variety is huge:
detergents, cleaning fluid, cleaning agents, polishers, strippers …

For each material, there is a solution.

Detergents hygiene and cleanlinessHygiene and cleaning

Essential in many environments from the food industry to the mechanic workshops, each product is submitted to strict standards; Disinfectants, bactericides, fungicides, food contact detergents are compulsory partners and can be used in total security.

Nettoyage véhicule portique lavageVehicles

Specialised in car upkeep, this product range is devoted to personnal and commercial vehicles, inside and outside upkeep: Rim cleaner, body car shampoo, renovators…

Nettoyage façade immeuble karcher Surface treatment

Synthene® goes further than "car upkeep" and offers relevant references for working environments: floor upkeep, all surfaces' stripper, cleaning agent for workshops...

Protect, clean and restore: Synthene® has solutions for treating all surfaces.

Specifications: tar remover, penetrating oil, anti grip, chlorine-free cleaning solvent.

Adaptable: surface strip, diluents, protecting products…