Смолы прототипирования

Прозрачная смола


Transparent polyurethane resin dedicated to the production of prototypes and/or small series.

Its properties allow the realization of functional pieces: mechanical properties being similar to transparent thermoplastic material such as PMMA or Polycarbonate.


Any need for technical parts requiring quality of transparency, UV resistance and/or high mechanical properties, such as:

  • Household appliances, electronics, toys
  • Automotive industry: head lamps, head light, transparent parts
  • Glassware industries, bottles
  • Advertising goods, design objects...


  • High transparency and optical properties
  • UV resistance
  • Long pot-life
  • Low aggressiveness to silicone molds
  • The product can be machined and polished to modify or adjust the aspect and shape of the final part.
  • Coloring is possible
  • Easy processing in a vacuum casting machine