PU Elastomers

Elastomer pu


High performance elastomeric polyurethane system, polymerisation at room tempera-ture, is based on 2 polyols and 2 isocyanates, which allows to meet the user’s needs, with a wide range of hardness.

Process in 2 components casting machines or manually with silicone moulds.


High performance elastomeric polyurethane system designed for producing technical parts, moulds and models requesting resistance to high mechanical and/or thermal stress:

  • Technical parts: joints, hoses, silent blocs, protection parts
  • Moulds, concrete moulds, model casting...


  • Very good tear resistance, even on notched parts
  • Polymerisation at room temperature (18-20°C)
  • Good elongation resistance
  • Good chemical, thermal and abrasive resistance
  • Easy processing: the relatively low viscosity of the mix combined with a long pot life ease the casting process without increasing the demoulding time
  • Very wide range of hardness: only 4 products for many combinations from 40 shore A to 55 shore D.
HPE system