PU Elastomers

Transparent elastomer


Transparent polyurethane resin dedicated to the production of flexible and semi-rigid technical parts

Process in vacuum casting machine or manually in silicone polyaddition moulds or in thermoplastic types PP or PE preform..


PRC 120-135-150Any need for flexible and semi-rigid parts, requiring high quality of transparency and UV resistance, such as :

  • moulding from a casting of LED, light guide,
  • Advertising goods, design objects, exhibition model, inclusions


  • High transparency and optical characteristics, even with high thickness. Very good transmittance between 400 and 700nm
  • UV resistance
  • Colouring possible, diffusing additive available (see picture above)
  • Resin can be machined to modify or adjust the final part
  • Easy processing. The low viscosity of the product combined with a long pot life ease the casting process without increasing the demoulding time
  • Easy Mixing ratio: 100/100 in volume
  • Adapted to bi-components machines