Polyurethanes - presentation

Two-components systems which physical and thermo mechanical properties are responding to the requirements of various implementation types.

polyurethane, rapid prototypageRapid prototyping

Polyurethanes are the perfect partner for developing items during all phases of the process : creation, lay-out, copying or pilot production.

Synthene® created its product range with the vision of perfectly responding to all technical, aesthetic and productivity demands.

    Especially developed to enable:
  • the study of steric bulk
  • the appearance or mechanical prototype ratification
  • the achievement of functional prototypes
  • the execution of pre-mass-production and low-volume-production for all items
  • the PR range clearly takes the lead as the reference for costs and performance control.

Therefore, two components in precise proportions are used. Depending on the given applications and references, the components will either be blended manually or in a machine.

polyurethane, casting productsCasting products

Synthene® has at disposal a large range of polyurethanes fast cast, elastic, gel and others used to satisfy all specific needs:

  • Duplication related to modelling
  • Moulding imitated stones or cement slab
  • Model making
  • Watertight seals
  • Adhesives