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Prototyping resin


Black polyurethane resin dedicated to the production of prototypes and/or limited series.

Process in vacuum casting machines with silicone moulds.

Its properties allow the realisation of functional pieces.


Any need for technical parts requiring an outstanding heat resistance and/or mechanical properties, such as:

  • Household appliances, electronics, toys
  • Automotive industry: lid, heading block, electric wire holder, head light back piece
  • Industrial parts with functions of holding, clamping or modelling under variable heat conditions


  • Mechanical characteristics such as flexural modulus (2300 Mpa) or thermal resistance (Hdt 130°C) allow, after post curing, the realisation of resistant parts, even with low thickness
  • Low aggressivity toward the moulds
  • Low shrinkage (2mm/m)
  • Easy processing: the relatively low viscosity of the mix combined with an adjustable pot life allow the realisation of thin parts that may require precise details

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