Quality, a daily commitment

Synthene® is organized and provides the highest quality standard during all the different stages of the factory process.

As part of our continuous improvement, this quality standard is based on a Quality Management System (SMQ) in which are listed the quality objectives ; they are regularly readjusted in order to provide the best services to our customers.

    During the conception stage,
  • Synthene® gives a suitable answer to its customers’ needs, thanks to products which come up to detailed specifications and which are in compliance with the effective regulation.
  • Synthene® also estimates the possibilities of implementation , and the costs
    During the production stage,
  • Synthene® makes products which are acknowledged for their performant results.
  • Synthene® also makes sure that its products can be traced, and is careful about respecting the delivery time and the legislation
  • Synthene® is always to listen to its customers, and provides a technical assistance


Certification Synthene® : NF EN ISO 9001