Synthene® formulates your innovations since 1958


We formulate your success.
Our know- how: to be your partner.

formuler pour vous proposer des produits innovantsFormulate to serve you innovative products

Fully aware of your needs and technological evolutions, we are working towards offering you tomorrow's products.

Searching for a continuous and growing improvement, we help you dealing with technical and environmental challenges that will occur in the future.

caractérisitiques fiables et durablesFormulate to create and also to provide you with reliable and longlasting tecnical characteristics.

Our research, production and control services, follow together simultaneously each formulation file.

Once the formulation is complete within our laboratories, the production's managers and operators are associated to the product’s development process.

The first productions undergo a special follow-up enabling control optimisation and guaranteeing the 's product's quality.

formuler por vous conseillerFormulate to advise you

Synthene's expertise is here to serve you at each step of the process:

  • as soon as you have chosen a reference in the existing product range,
  • for drawing up requirements,
  • for setting up an application,
  • to anticipating regulatory changes,

A relevant help and back-up are provided.

Engineering: formulation as you wish

Based on our experience in formulation, we also use our proficiency to serve your projects.
During all phases of considering the project, the preliminary conception and finally the accomplishment phases, we are your industrial partner for :

  • Development process
  • Project requirements (consideration or written)
  • Tests
  • Implementation and optimisation of the production
  • Data exploitation
  • Diagnosis
  • Suggestions

As true professionals, we are of course extremely precautious and sensitive in regards of privacy and patent rights. Synthene® guarantees the highest security standards for your projects.

Our experience is your guarantee